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Olivia goes to a play party

erotica written by women Dec 04, 2021
Young woman wearing lingerie to go to a play party

Daniela K.

Photo by Daria Rem from Pexels

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Olivia’s heart sped up with excitement and nervousness as soon as Keifer, her date for the play party they were attending, pulled into the parking lot of the supposed venue.

“Are you ready to be introduced into a world of fun-filled experiences?” He directed a smile at her, winking, and Olivia couldn't help but smile at his boyish looks. It was hard to tell the man was in his early thirties when he spotted the looks of a man in his twenties. He was that handsome, with his curly dirty blonde hair and gleaming baby blue eyes, coupled with his squared jaw.

“I think so,” she responded in all honesty. Although she very well knew what went down in a play party, she’d never attended one, and the moment she mentioned that to Keifer, he made it his sole motive to take her to one.

Personally, Keifer was a play party goer that seemed like a part of his life and having friends who were also interested in such parties made it better and fun, with no judgment from anyone.

Olivia had started talking to the man on Tinder, a few weeks after she divorced her high school sweetheart, John, who she’d been married to for eight years. She’d loved the man, but their sexual life was lagging and John never bothered to change that. More than once, Olivia had tried to make it fun and satisfying for the both of them, but she soon realized she couldn’t continue that way for the rest of her life. It got so bad that she no longer found happiness in her marriage. At that point, she knew divorce was the only way to break free and to get the life she deserved. Thus, she’d informed the man and luckily for her, he was more than happy to let her go, without any hard feelings.

In an attempt to make her life fun and to get the no-strings relationship she was after, she resorted to Tinder, where she’d met Keifer. Their friendship started pretty well and she found out she could comfortably discuss her sex life with the man, even before they met. It was during one of their sexting sessions, that he’d mentioned the play parties to her. Olivia was thrilled at the thought of attending one, so, here they are.

Together, they alighted from the car, and with her hand in Keifer’s they strode towards the entrance of a building that looked like every normal club on the outside, with a bouncer stationed at the entrance, actively inspecting people’s IDs before letting them in. 

Olivia didn’t know what to expect but it was not a club filled with sweaty dancing bodies. Her eyes scanned the place before returning to Keifer’s.

“This is it?” she asked, disappointment dripping from her words.

“Not at all honey, don’t judge a book by its cover,” he winked at her.

Taking her hand, he led her to the back of the club, with a door that seemed hidden from the ordinary eye, as it was matching with the walls. Keifer glanced at Olivia, a smile stretching his lips before he pushed the door open and they stepped in. Now, Olivia could hear soft music, coming from what seemed to be an inner room, separated from where they were with a dark curtain, giving nothing away. But surprisingly, all of the noise and blasting music from the club couldn’t be heard. With her hand still in Keifer’s hold, they stepped in through the dark curtain, and her eyes widened, a smile curving her lips.

It was as if she was in a different world, with women dressed in tiny thongs and thigh-high leather boots, their breasts bare, all prancing around like little bunnies in a field. Others wore skimpy leather suits that left nothing to the imagination, equally paired with leather boots, but they were holding whips. Olivia felt over-dressed in her skimpy leather skirt and crop top, paired with heels.

There were men around, seated with women on their lap, practically making out and going hard at it as though they had no audience but in reality, the room was filled with busy people, with some engaging in sexual activities of all kinds and others just sat around with a drink in hand, to watch the show. While they were still standing, with Olivia lost in the happenings around her, the stage opened up, revealing a woman, naked and strapped to a table, with two men standing beside her, equally naked. Olivia’s eyes almost bulged out of the socket at this sight but she composed herself.

“We should get a seat and watch the show, or do you wanna leave?” Keifer asked, watching every one of her reactions. He understood that the woman was new to all of these, but he also liked the fact that she had an adventurous spirit, ready to explore.

“A seat,” she breathed out, lost to the stage.

Placing an arm on her lower back, he led her towards the vacant seat at the front, and they took their seats in time for the show to commence. The music stopped playing as everyone took their seats in readiness for the show to commence. The two naked men on stage playfully bowed to the crowd before moving towards the woman, who had a smile on her face like she was living her dreams.

Olivia wanted that smile too. Part of her wanted to be that woman on the table.

“We’re about to begin, and we’d like to have you blindfolded. May we?” one of the men asked the woman and she nodded positively. “Words please,”

“Yes you may blindfold me,” she gave her consent, and as soon as the words left her lips one of the men was slipping the blindfold over her eyes.

“Are you ready?” one of the men asked again and the woman gave a positive response. “You still remember your safe word?”

“Blue,” the woman responded in a breathy voice, reacting to the soft caresses of the second me, who was now playing with her nipples.


The two men stood on either side of the woman, gently caressing her as though they were getting her ready. One of the men leaned down, taking a nipple in his mouth, and sucking on it. A low breathy moan slipped out of the woman’s lips, sending shivers down Olivia’s spine, down to her core. The more she watched what was happening on stage, the more she felt as though she was a participant, receiving attention from the men. Keifer noticed every one of her reactions, down to the way her body was responding. Her nipples were imprinted on the material of her top, begging for attention and he also noticed the way she crossed and uncrossed her legs, trying to find relief. He smirked knowing the show had only just begun and Olivia will be a hot mess by the end.

Olivia continued watching the show, as the men began pleasuring the woman until she was screaming out her orgasm from just their tongues pleasuring her. At this point, Olivia’s breath was coming out in short pants. She hadn’t known watching others have sex would be such a turn-on, to the extent she wanted to partake, and Keifer could read her thoughts from the expression on her face, and the blush staining her cheeks.

Keifer placed a hand on her leg, gradually sliding it until he was inching it into her skirt and he leaned in, flicking his tongue against her ear lobe. He felt her breath hitch and he grinned. 

“Do you like what you see?” he whispered against her ear, causing more shivers to rack her body.

“Mmhmm,” she whimpered out, biting her lip.

“Do you want to try it out?”

“I-I could,” she responded, licking her suddenly dried lips.

Keifer smirked, knowing she needed just a little push to get to where she needed to be and he was more than ready to give her just that. Slowly, his hand on her thigh proceeded, slipping into her skirt, and prying her legs open for him. She willingly spread her legs wide, her eyes still focused on the stage. At this point, Olivia’s heart was pounding against her chest in anxiousness and excitement. She had no idea what Keifer was planning but at the same time, she was excited about the prospect of getting touched in public, where anyone and everyone could watch. It spiked up her arousal, more juice pooling at her entrance and soaking her lace panties.

Her eyes were still focused on the stage, where the woman was being toyed by a vibrator, with a cock in her mouth, with clamps around her nipples. The sight was so erotic that it had Olivia’s core clenching with need, and at that moment, Keifer’s hand cupped her pussy, expelling the breath from her, her eyes widening in shock.

“Mmm, so wet,” Keifer murmured in her ear, rubbing his nose on her sensitive skin. “Those tits look so good, Olivia. May I have a taste?”

“Yes, please,” Olivia practically moaned out, the pleasure overtaking her.

Lowering his head, he closed his mouth over one of her nipples, through the fabric of her shirt, drawing it into his mouth. A low moan tore out of Olivia’s lips, and her hand quickly flew to cover up her mouth, her eyes darting around to see if people had noticed her, but her eyes caught on to the man seated beside her, with a blonde between his legs, sucking on his dick, while the man watched the stage. The blonde spared Olivia a glance, winking at her.

For a moment, the man’s eyes drifted to Olivia’s, his heated stare setting her nerve endings on fire. Keifer noticed this too.

“Do you want to give him a show?” he whispered into her ear and she nodded her head without a second thought. “Then take your hands away from your mouth and enjoy this, Olivia,” Obeying him, she dropped her hand from his mouth, her eyes still lost in the man’s heated gaze. “Look at the stage,” Keifer’s words were spoken softly, but Olivia followed them, taking her eyes off the man and focussing them on the stage, where one of the men was currently thrusting his hard length into the woman, as she kept on sucking off the other man, her murmurs of pleasure bouncing off the walls. “Olivia, may I touch you?” Keifer asked, seeking her consent, and she nodded in response. “Say the words, Olivia,”

“Yes, please, touch me,” she whimpered out, rolling her hips, just to get some form of attention on her engorged clit.

On her consent, Keifer slid his fingers into her lacy panties, spreading her drenched lips wide open, as he began to rub tight little circles on her clit, while sucking on her nipple that was still covered by her top. Olivia was so turned on and so close to the edge that she couldn't hold back her orgasm, as watching the scene on the stage, coupled with other eyes watching what Keifer was doing to her had her groaning out her orgasm, not caring if she was attracting attention to herself. But just when she thought it was over, she quickly learned she could come again after the first time_something she’d never tried before. It wasn't like her ex was enthusiastic about the first time, to be willing to go again for the second time.

As Keifer continued torturing her sensitive clit, her moans got louder, another orgasm beginning to build but at the last minute when she was at the brink of her second orgasm, he withdrew his hand, completely pulling away from her.

“No...” she whimpered in protest, her eyes flying to him but he smirked in return.

“Do you want to go further?”

“Yes,” she cried out in frustration.

“Then we should try something else. Wouldn’t you want to explore more?”

For a moment, she remained quiet, imagining the other amazing things the man could introduce her to. She found herself wanting to know and try more of what this new world could bring to her, and the sheer pleasure she could experience.

“I’d love to try more,”

“Good. how about we start now?”

“Yes, please,” she breathed out, still panting from her arousal.

Standing to his feet, he extended an arm to her and led her out of the room, towards an inner chamber.

This is it. Olivia thought to herself. She was finally going to be living her dream, exploring her desires and boundaries without asking for anyone's approval. 

Kiefer looked in her eyes with anticipation and slowly led her in the next room.

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