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You’re sexually curious.

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You’re sexually curious.

And you want more...

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You want to nurture and (re)awaken your sexuality, but you don't know how.

Reconnect your body and your mind.

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Discover what's possible. And impossible.

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Gloria, 28

“It’s like playing an instrument... My boyfriend had never been vocal before, but he can’t hold it… And I’m the one who’s creating the music. It’s exhilarating...”

Joanna, 36

“He moaned. I mean, He! Moaned!”

Lucky male anonymous, 52

“The anticipation is amazing. The slow buildup, the sort of slowed-down buildup is amazing. And then... it’s someone else’s fingers and she can’t feel it herself. So it’s all a surprise. Even to a microscopic level, every single sensation is a novel sensation that you weren't quite expecting”

The founder of the Secret Sauce Angel school of sex and sensuality,  Inna Goncharenko (Angel Arts) is committed to helping people find more joy in sex and life. 

A highly qualified sex and sensuality coach, Inna is also a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Angel Reiki practitioner, Kundalini yoga teacher, and circle facilitator.

Inna helps her private clients embrace and nurture their sexuality through love and sex coaching, combining it with energy healing, Kundalini and Tantra practices. Her exclusive private practise focuses on highly personalised sexual (re)awakening programmes for women.

With personalised energy healing and retreats, online training (covering more than 150 foreplay techniques) and group sessions, Inna also curates bespoke sensual events for goddesses and their partners.

Scroll down for some tips and techniques to awaken your sensuality and sexuality, and help you become the empowered sexual goddess you want to be. And sign up to the newsletter to receive more tips and event and training updates! 

Grab the FREE Checklist: Four Things to Add to Your BJs Now, to Blow Your Partner’s Mind

When it comes to skills and techniques…the possibilities are endless. We have four things you can add to your blowjob skills today, that will help you to master heavenly foreplay.

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Penis 101: Ecstatic Foreplay 

Learn specialised foreplay techniques to gain more control over your and their experiences and blow the minds of even the most sophisticated lovers.

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34 Mindblowing Blowjob Techniques - Your Very Own Video Tutorial and Guidebook

Learn the art of giving the most earth-shattering blowjobs ever. Get your hands on these 34 tips and techniques for oral pleasure and boost your confidence immediately.

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28 Ecstatic Oral Sex Techniques For Vulvas and Vaginas

A bit bored with the same old oral sex routine? Download this FREE guide to amazing cunnilingus techniques! The guide is full of tips and tricks to help you blow your partner's mind and experience sensations like never before. 

It focuses on pleasuring techniques. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to empower their life in the bedroom, show love and appreciation to their partner and add depth to their sexual experiences. 

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