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You’re sexually curious.

And you want more...


4 things to add to your blowjobs – free checklist

You’re sexually curious.

And you want more...

4 things to add to your blowjobs – free checklist
28 ecstatic oral techniques for vulvas and vaginas – free ebook

You want to nurture and (re)awaken your sexuality, but you don't know how.

Reconnect your body and your mind.

Empower yourself.

Discover what's possible. And impossible.

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…transform intimacy and feel life again

🖤 Wear your sexual confidence like jewellery

🖤 Take more risks. Learn more. Evolve.

🖤 Keep your sexual relationship on fire

🖤 Empower yourself to have a better sex life 

🖤 Experience more of your own empowerment in sex, and in life

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Pleasure. Fun. Joy.

Let's design your sexual (re)awakening...

Elena, 44

I woke up feeling so grateful and full of love for the amazing humans in my life and the wonderful experiences I'm having. Thank you for pulling so many wonderful women together. It felt very special.

Gloria, 28

“It’s like playing an instrument... My boyfriend had never been vocal before, but he can’t hold it… And I’m the one who’s creating the music. It’s exhilarating...”

Lize, 32

I have used today to reflect.The journey onwards won't be easy but I'm grateful to have a starting point and excited to discover and explore along the way.”

Joanna, 36

“He moaned. I mean, He! Moaned!”

Lucky male anonymous, 52

“The anticipation is amazing. The slow buildup, the sort of slowed-down buildup is amazing. And then... it’s someone else’s fingers and she can’t feel it herself. So it’s all a surprise. Even to a microscopic level, every single sensation is a novel sensation that you weren't quite expecting”

Hi, I'm Inna. I am the founder of the Secret Sauce Angel school of love and sensuality. We make exceptional lovers

I am a certified love, sex and relationship coach, sensual self-empowerment coach, Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher, Angel and Tantra Reiki practitioner, Kundalini yoga teacher and circle facilitator.

With highly personalised energy healing, group and one-on-one coaching, retreats and online training (covering more than 150 foreplay techniques), we help lovers:

  • feel life in vivid colours
  • ignite their inner fire 
  • create thriving relationships
  • take control of their destiny in relationships and life
  • empower and liberate themselves sexually. 

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34 mindblowing blowjob techniques – ebook

Learn the art of giving the most earth-shattering blowjobs ever. Get your hands on these 34 tips and techniques for oral pleasure and boost your confidence immediately

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(Re)awakening Aphrodite

Highly personalised 3-months group mentorship programme. (Re)ignite your inner sexy goddess with group coaching, practices and rituals. Learn the anatomy and the psychology of your arousal, your sexual temperament type, how to be in control of your orgasmic journey, let go and surrender to pleasure. Discover your turn ons fantasies and desires, and learn how to communicate them with your partners

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Bespoke coaching session 


Completely personalise your 4-hour session: design the programme of your sexual (re)awakening and address what you'd like to focus on specifically:

  • Heal and reconnect with your sexuality
  • Release shame and allow pleasure
  • Honour your feelings and create space for joy 
  • Discover your turn on's, fantasies and desires
  • Learn ecstatic techniques
  • Reclaim your inner fire
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The formula of one perfect night

Let me teach you the formula of one perfect night with your partner. Join a mini-group or book a one-on-one coaching session to:

  • Create a personalised game plan for the juiciest night ever for you and your lover
  • Learn how your partner's arousal works
  • Make sure your partner is dreaming about your hot date way before you see each other 
  • Help them get out of their head and focus on pleasure during your date
  • And to really spice it up, learn some of the top lingam or yoni caressing techniques to blow their minds like never before 
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More sexuality to be inhabited

More sensuality to be felt, tasted, smelled… 


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