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Olivia goes to a play party – part two

erotica written by women Jan 17, 2022
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Daniela K.

Photo by calibra on Pixabay

Hot erotica written by women for women. Find part 1 of the story here

Hand in hand, Keifer led Olivia out of the room, through a hallway with different rooms and bouncers standing beside each, until he got to a particular one. To Olivia, she assumed he was leading her to a private room where they’d continue what they’d started earlier. But she was surprised when the bouncer led them in to see they were in a big room, but not just the two of them. They were in an enclosed place, separated from another open space with a glass wall. At the other side of the wall, were a man and woman, the woman sitting on a king-sized bed, in all of her naked glory, with the man stripping slowly giving her a striptease.

Olivia took a step forward, her eyes fixated on the transparent glass wall beside her, with the man on the other side still holding onto the top button of his dress shirt, as though waiting for some form of command to start his act.

“C-can they see us?” Olivia asked in a breathy voice. Yes, she loved the public show in the first room, but this, was different and more erotic, knowing they were getting a private show.

“No,” Keifer murmured, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her into him, with her back to his hard torso, and his hard member pressing into her pert ass through their clothes. “Unless you want them to,” he whispered, his voice holding a sensual drawl that had her heart racing at the prospects of whatever the man was planning.

“N-no, not yet,” she cleared her throat, her eyes still focused on the scene before them. Watching them without them seeing her, felt like she just walked in on a dirty scene she wasn’t supposed to see, and that spiked her arousal more than she could ever imagine. Her nipples were hard as a rock, clit tingling with need and her core clenching, needing to be filled.

Keifer’s hands grabbed her waist, holding firmly yet softly, his lips nuzzling her neck. He traced his nose along her neck, up to her ear, and before Olivia could realize what was happening, he pushed her against the glass wall until her body was pressed to it, her hands placed on either side of her to prevent her head from crashing with the wall as a gasp escaped her lips.

“Stay in this position and watch,” Keifer growled into her ear, flicking his tongue against her ear lobe.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the man began unbuttoning his clothes, as though he was listening. With his eyes fixated on the woman on the bed, he slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt and slipped it off his shoulders, and slowly reached for the fly on his pants, undoing it and pulling them to the ground, along with his boxer briefs. Olivia couldn’t stop her eyes from wandering down to his shaft and a gasp escaped her lips at the sheer size of his masculinity. The man smirked at the woman, whose eyes were clouded in lust, focused on his erection. He wrapped his fingers around his cock, stroking it slowly, with the tip leaking precome, while he took slow steps towards the woman.

Getting to her, he wrapped his free fingers around her neck, tilting her chin up and sealing his lips to hers, while he continued stroking his cock. While they were kissing, Keifer’s hands slowly slid down her hips, inching into her leather skirt, grazing her smooth creamy skin, to her waist. He hooked his hands on the waistline of her panties and just when she thought he was going to rip them off her, he released them, taking his hands off her.

Olivia gulped, her anticipation and excitement rising, setting her nerve endings on fire. Her core throbbed, her earlier orgasm still hovering over the surface, needing to be wrung out of her. She desperately ground her legs together for relief, watching the couple at the other end make out sensually. But when the man pulled away, he stepped away from the woman to reach for this tie that was a few feet away, before returning to her. He returned to her and suddenly flipped her over, crossing the line between sweet to possessive in a few seconds that liquid pooled at Olivia’s panties from the sudden change. The woman giggled, landing on her stomach. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her up, pushing her legs further apart to reveal her glistening pussy, and the tight pink ring of her derriere. 

He moved to her head and pressed it to the bed, pulling her hands above it and wrapping the tie around them firmly, making a knot to hold her in place. 

“Don’t move,” he growled out in a guttural voice and it was as if Olivia heard the words in her ears but before she could contemplate what was happening, Keifer was pinning her hands above her head with one of his.

“Don’t move,” he growled into her ear, one of his legs kicking her legs wide open and spreading them so wide it felt as though her pussy was going to split in two but somehow, that stretch brought strange sensations to her to make her bit her lip to hold back the moan.

The man at the other end fell to his knees behind the woman, eating her out. Olivia watched on, her breaths coming out in short pants. The woman’s soft mewls of pleasure filled her ears, heightening her pleasure as the man continued feeding on her, his tongue occasionally traveling to her tiny puckered hole and tracing tight little circles on the bundle of nerves.

“You like what you see?” Keifer asked her in a low growl, his body pressing more into her now, his hand still pinning hers above her head.

“Mmhmm...” she whimpered out, giving in to the lust ricochetting through her.

“You badly want that orgasm, don’t you?”

“Yes, please...”

“May I touch you? Let me eat that pussy so good you’ll feel my tongue on it days after today and you won’t stop reliving the memory,”

“Oh god,” she murmured, her legs beginning to shake from just his dirty words and the sight before her alone.

“May I suck on that beautiful clit, baby?”

“Yes...” she breathed out in a barely audible voice.

“Say it louder, Olivia,”

“Sir,” she added, knowing the title drove him wild, as he told her in one of their numerous sexting sessions. “Please Sir, eat my pussy so hard. It’s all yours,” she whimpered out.

As soon as the words left her lips, Keifer fell to the ground on his knees, reaching for her panties and ripping them off her. Olivia turned her head to look at the man on his knees behind her but she didn’t get a chance to see the lustful expression on his face before he was barking out a command at her, telling her to watch the scene before her and keep her hands above her head until he says otherwise.

Slowly, his tongue circled her entrance from the back, gliding over her tight asshole, and sliding down to her dripping entrance. When it landed on her clit, her body convulsed from the intense pleasure, the much-awaited orgasm slamming into her, a loud moan flying from her lips, but Keifer was far from done. He’d only just begun...

To be continued...


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