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Sexting tips from a pro: How to do it right when you start dating

dirty talk and sexting Jun 07, 2021
Sexting: How to do it right when you start dating. Article

By Christian J, content creator and tester for adult dating and sex chat websites

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How to start sexting a guy depending on what you’re really looking for – a serious relationship or just some hot fun

Falling for a guy and wanting to communicate with him happens fast. Biting your lip, winking your eye, showing him some thigh and some cleavage might make him like you but can leave him confused. He may not notice it (guys are terrible at hints). Or he’ll notice but will try to play it safe, because: a.) guys are terrible at hints, and b.) what if he misunderstood the signals you weren’t sending? 

Getting his number and texting him is a great way to turn him into a fan and show your intentions. Getting your messages dirtier is another step, and if you sext that sexy dude right, you can really win him over. Whether you want a serious relationship, someone to shag whenever you need to, or you’re looking for a one-night stand with a guy you like, I have some sexting tips for you. 

Sexting a guy for a serious relationship 

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Sexting someone can be difficult, especially if you intend to do it with someone you like and might want to spend your life with. Any wrong move at the beginning and you risk losing him forever, maybe spending half of your life trying to get him back, or he might as well turn it into a one-night stand moment with you. It matters how you approach him. Sending him a nude as the first text might work or fail, and you don’t want to take chances. 

For someone you’ve just met and have never had an encounter with, it’s better to start with vaguely flirtatious texts like, “you are a smart guy and fun to hang out with. Can we do this again, soon?” That will help you see how he takes it. If you had sex last night, text him, “I can’t stop thing about last night. That was amazing.” The guy will feel appreciated and look forward to making more memorable nights with you. Don’t rush to say ‘It was the best night in my life” though, if he knows he’s great in bed, he can start feeling like he doesn’t need to win you over anymore and can lose interest. Or if it wasn’t his best night, he will either doubt your honesty or feel sorry for your previous experiences (and who wants that?). If it really was that amazing, say it was amazing and say why. But don’t let him think he’s got all the cards already – if you want this dude for long, make him work for it.   

However, his response will determine the direction the conversation will go. If he says “thank you,” that’s short and uninviting, and you better talk of something else. If he says, “oh wow, it felt so good carrying you up the stairs,” you can go ahead with the conversation and pull him closer. 

Try not to send too many texts without getting a response. He could be thinking of something sweet to tell you. Or he might be working and start feeling too distracted, and that’s not always helpful. You really enjoyed it, but shouldn’t you be busy right now too? He’s gotta have some time to miss you…

Sexting just for fun 

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Sexting doesn’t have to always lead to something like ending up in the sheets with a dude. You can do it for fun and to pass the time. At some point, you might decide, “I’ve been talking to this guy for quite some time. Why not have a piece of him?” Ask him out, and the rest will fall into place. For example, ask him, “Do you wanna see me in red lingerie?” If you’ve always been sexting on the phone, he will wonder, “On the phone or…?” When flirting or sexting, it’s okay to return a question with a question. Ask him, “How do you want it? On the phone, or I can give you a lap dance tonight?”

Whether he accepts the offer or not, remember that was part of the fun. You were flirting. 

If the guys around you are too busy to notice the beautiful lady you are, there’s always an alternative. Sign up on a dating site and virtually meet as many guys as you want. The best thing about dating sites is that you can  flirt and sexchat with multiple guys. You will be much more open with a stranger and feel the ease to express yourself sexually, and that’s how sexting turns into fun. While at it, you can connect with someone so deeply enough you might call him around for a drink and a bang. 

Looking for a one-night stand? Sexting a guy about it 

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There are times when you are super horny and only want to shag. No form of distraction can divert your mind from it, and neither the dildo does a better job than a guy would. You are perhaps wondering how to tell a guy you want it without saying it directly, because he’s probably a friend and you don’t want to lose him if he’s not interested. Text him, “My apartment is too hot, I barely have any clothes on.”  That will leave him aroused, and maybe he will invite you out. Instead of saying yes, text him, “I’ve got some beer in the fridge, you wanna come?” He'll roll up, and one thing can lead to another. 

Dating sites are the best platforms to find good looking men for dirty sexting and great nights. In fact, if you want to learn how to sext with confidence, you should register on a dating site. You’ll meet total strangers who want to connect with someone special. You can hook up with a guy, blow his mind, have an amazing night yourself and leave without having to work on a relationship. Actually, some relationships have also started as one-night stands, and you might as well find yourself sexting him after the second date having realised you both feel something real. 

How to come up with your own sexts 


[Photo by Armin Rimoldi from Pexels]

Working as an adult content writer and a tester of adult chatting sites has put me in the middle of what men love to hear and how women express themselves to build sexual tension. Don’t just send sexy texts to make him want you. Lead him on, and he will bite the bait. Confidence, patience, and being yourself are what you need to have total control. You’ll make him think about you all the time, and creativity is the key.

Talking and texting dirty creates visual fantasies in men’s minds, and they seem to sink deeper when someone is alone in the evening. You can find great ideas for sexting messages to send to him before bed online, but I would suggest you create your own. The Internet is full of sexting paragraphs to copy for him, but you better hope he hasn’t see that one before. Sometimes you’ll need to be direct, perhaps the guy is too dumb to interpret your sexts, and you will have no other option but to tell him directly. Text him, “I need your body.” If he doesn’t want you, he’ll let you know.  

Sexting a guy doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get him, and there’s no best sexting. Be yourself, sext confidently, and hope that he likes you too. If he turns you down, try again, or move on to the next guy. The world has lots of them. Make sexting fun for both of you!

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