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"Glass wall" practice for deeper intimate connection between partners

for couples nurturing sexuality Sep 10, 2022
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Angel Arts, founder of Secret Sauce Angel

Mutual masturbation helps create a deeper intimate connection between you and your partner. Use this "Glass wall" exercise to reach another level of intimacy between you two  

I recently shared this practice for intimate partners, which helps deepen the connection and discover new things about each other on Instagram. Many people messaged me afterwards, and we've been having conversations about shame, self-awareness, accepting yourself as a sexual being, and accepting and appreciating your partner as such.

It encouraged a lot of exploration and self-analysis, so I wanted to share it here, too, so that no one misses it. It's based on bringing mutual masturbation into your intimate relationship. 


Should I masturbate in front of my partner? Should we masturbate in front of each other?

Exciting for some people and scary for others, here is what actually happens when you bring masturbation in front of each other into your intimate relationships:

1. It's a new sensual experience that can really bring you two together. You are enjoying being a sexual person; you're showing your partner that you're enjoying watching them being a sexual person. You are opening up your personal boundaries for each other. 

2. It keeps you lubricated during intercourse, which is always a plus.    

3. It adds variety to your play. It’s pretty simple, the more different things we do in sex, the better the sex is. This is especially important for those who have been in a relationship for a while  – it just adds to the fun.

4. It speeds up your climax because you're caressing yourself where it feels best, where you need it, and how you need it, so you may end up having an orgasm much faster than if your partner was caressing you. 

5. You and your partner get a chance to observe how your arousal and pleasure work and notice what areas on the body each of you likes being caressed. Sometimes we neglect those when caressing our partners, so it's always nice to get an insight while observing them. 

This practice adds eroticism to your relationship, helps deepen the connection between you two, and helps discover more about how your partner enjoys being caressed as their arousal grows. And here is how to do it.


The “Glass wall” practice


Before you start, agree with your partner that whatever happens, you’re not having intercourse tonight. 

Sit in different corners of the room, and imagine that there’s a glass wall between you two. This means that you’ll be able to see but won’t be able to touch each other. 

Start touching and playing with yourselves the way you like it. Have fun and enjoy noticing new things about your partner…

Flirt with each other by maintaining eye contact, or stay a voyeur and glance at them from time to time – it’s up to you. But you two are not allowed to have sex. Tonight, you’re free, amazing, highly sexual beings who are embracing and accepting themselves and making each other part of this beautiful process.  


It may be thrilling or/and challenging a little. It can excite you as well as make you feel uncomfortable when you’re being watched. Ask yourself why you feel what you feel. 

This will encourage you to analyse your relationship with yourself and with your partner as a sexual being. You'll start asking yourself questions you need to be asking to embrace yourself as a sexual being. You'll also start asking your partner more questions after observing them or just by comparing your experiences, and it will bring you two closer to each other, too. This will help make your intimate relationship deeper and freer. And isn’t this what we’re aiming for? 

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