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69 sexting and dirty talk examples to get you laid tonight

dirty talk and sexting Dec 21, 2022
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By Christian J, content creator and tester for adult dating and sex chat websites

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Want to have some hot fun tonight? Let your partner know that you’re thinking of them. Here are some sexy text messages to turn your partner on and get the juices going

  1. I can’t wait to have you in me tonight. 
  2. Work is so boring today. I would rather be with you right now, in bed. 
  3. I want you so badly. Can you come over after work? 
  4. I might give you a love bite today.
  5. I can’t stop imagining your hands on my body, your mouth on my body, and your body on mine. Let’s do this tonight. 
  6. Do you have any fetishes or fantasies that need completing? If he answers ‘Yes’, tell him you will do anything he asks you to do tonight (the offer only lasts for the night). 
  7. If you videocall me right now, you will like what you see. Make sure you’re alone.
  8. The thought of you taking me into your arms and having me makes me so wet. I can’t wait for you to hold me tonight. 
  9. I’ve started this new course called “5-Day Masterclass in Courtesan Arts”. Need to try something on you urgently.
  10. Do you want a workout together today? I don’t mean at the gym…
  11. Save some energy for me tonight, I need some deep drilling.
  12. Tonight, I will do all the work in the bed. 
  13. Can’t wait for you to see how I look in my new lingerie and heels. I want you to take them off for me. I can keep the heels on.
  14. I just thought of a new position that we could rock. Can’t wait to try it with you.
  15. Tell me what’s the naughtiest thing you want to do to me.
  16. I cannot tell you how much I want to be on top of you right now. 
  17. Tonight you will walk into the dining room, and I’ll be on the table [use emojis and smileys with hearts and horns]. You can have me for dinner. 
  18. Every time I see you, I want you to pin me against a wall and have me right there. 
  19. What plans do you have for dinner tonight? I’m making some reservations for my bedroom and wanted to make sure you are available.
  20. I wish you would come to my office right now, push everything off the desk and bend me over it. 
  21. I’ve just learnt a handjob technique called “Never-ending penetration”. I bet I can make you moan tonight. 
  22. Do you know what “Russian roulette” in blowjobs is? I can show you tonight. 
  23. I am so turned on just thinking about the last time we made love.
  24. I’ve been thinking about you all morning. Now need to change my underwear.
  25. I dreamt about you last night, and I cannot stop thinking about how I would get down and take your pants off.
  26. Why don’t you meet me in a bar tonight, pretend you don’t know me and pick me up. I won’t play hard to get.
  27. I love the way you control me with your strong arms, romantically looking into my eyes and thrusting in me with your manly force. 
  28. Let’s role play tonight. I’ll be the sexy teacher and you – the naughty student who needs punishment. 
  29.  Can you imagine I forgot to put on underwear?
  30.  Do you know any good sex positions you can show me?
  31.  I’ve just bought a Kama Sutra Bucket List scratch map. Wanna scratch some of those things off tonight? [The bucket list is sold on Amazon and online, or you can tell you’ve written a bucket list yourself and offer to tick those out together]
  32. I can’t wait to give you the best tongue and orgasm tonight. It is a promise. 
  33. I want to know three things that make you excited. I will make sure that you get 2 out of 3 tonight. It’s a deal. 
  34. I love your tie. Let’s use it tonight and make me still. 
  35. I love the things you do with your tongue.
  36. Even though I want you right now, I’m willing to wait and see you tonight.
  37.  I am too turned on to put clothes on. Get home quick. 
  38. Send him a sexy selfie and let him know what he is missing out on. It also gets him excited to see you later. 
  39. I’ve just found out about this 5-minute orgasmic blowjob technique. They say I can make you cum in 5 minutes with my mouth only.  Wanna try?
  40. You are going to scream my name tonight.
  41. I want to hear you breathe in my ears today as I make you climax.
  42. I should be working today, but all I can think about right now is you dominating me. 
  43. I can still taste you from last night. 
  44. Meet me in bed, just after you enter the house.
  45. Do you want to play Simon Says tonight? You will go first. 
  46. Why can’t I stop thinking about you and me at the back of a car?
  47. I want you to use me as your own personal plaything or toy. What would you do?
  48. Tell me a secret — an intense one.
  49. You may need to use your safe word tonight. 
  50. Maybe we should install a mirror in our bedroom for tonight. 
  51. Come. Over.
  52. Nothing feels better than when you come inside me.
  53. I am dropping to my knees when you come home. 
  54. My thighs are missing you between them. 
  55. Have you ever done it on the balcony? If he says “No” tell him you want to try it tonight. If he says “Yes" tell him you want to reminisce.
  56. Shaved or trimmed? What do you prefer?
  57. When do you get off work today? I want to get you off.
  58. Send him a photo of you covering your boobs with your hair or fingers (it should be a tease).
  59. Send him a semi-naked photo in a provocative pose. 
  60. I am tying you on the bed and blindfolding you when you get home. 
  61. I want you to take me from behind tonight.
  62. How hard do you want to do it tonight?
  63. This is a daily reminder that I like you. 
  64. What is your favourite thing we’ve ever done together in bed?
  65. What have you always wanted me to do to you and haven’t asked yet because it was too rude?
  66. If you open your suitcase/laptop bag, you’ll find the red knickers I’m missing. 
  67. What’s your safe word? 
  68. Did you know that sex positions which work best for each couple are very individual? I’ve saved some positions I’d like to try tonight (send him screenshots of the Kama Sutra positions you’d like to try).
  69. I love it when you rub your finger against my G-spot.  

Some of these may feel and sound like you and your relationship, and some won’t. These are just ideas for sexts and phrases, so bear in mind the level of sexual naughtiness you and your man like and are at. Some fancy real nasty while others will be aroused by sweet and sensual words. 

When it comes to sending pictures, make sure you trust the person enough. No matter how much you like the guy, make sure you won’t regret this in the future. Some people are very nice first, and then they send your nudes to everyone you know. And even if that never happens, phones get stolen and get broken into. You can start with erotic pictures from the Internet or stock websites, then send faceless pictures. If pictures of you leaking online can damage your career or life, is it worth it? If you still want to do it,  maybe send each other pictures but both delete them after receiving?   

Choose your words and messages well and make your partner long for you. Most importantly, have fun!

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