Tired of putting others' needs first?

Join us for the 21-day "The art of selflove" challenge

Challenge yourself to nurture selflove and prioritise your wellbeing no matter what – even with partner(s), friends and family

With proven coaching exercises

 In just 21 days🚀

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This challenge is for you if:

You struggle with self-criticism and find it hard to acknowledge your own worth

You're always seeking validation and love from others, feeling incomplete without these

You've been told that selflove is selfish or a secondary priority and you haven't been your own friend because of this

You're ready to let go of the unachievable standards and pressures imposed by society

You're looking for effective, compassionate ways to connect with and accept your true self

You want to love yourself just as deeply and unconditionally as you love others

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Challenge run by: Inna Goncharenko

Founder of the Secret Sauce Angel school of love



Relationship coach

Usui/Holy Fire® III and Tantra Reiki Master Teacher

Kundalini yoga teacher  

Circle facilitator

Clients in the UK and worldwide

Helping people love, accept and enjoy themselves in life, intimacy and relationships since 2018

Inna Goncharenko, 

"No one will ever prioritise you until you start doing it yourself. It's time to make YOU a priority"

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"This 21-day challenge is not about learning concepts; it's about transforming the way you view and treat yourself. It's about realising that you don't have to earn the right to love yourself

You can start loving yourself unconditionally, just like you love your dear ones. Do it. It's time"

How this challenge works:

Challenge start date

Next challenge starts on July 17. Join now to benefit from the early bird discount

How to access your materials

The materials will be available in your study cabinet on our safe platform (Kajabi). You will get access to one new practice every day 

What you get

  • 21 action-packed lessons with selflove coaching practices
  • BONUS checklist "30 statements that could mean I am people-pleasing"
  • Community support (if you opt-in for option B)

 This challenge is a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and deep, meaningful selflove.

Over the course of 21 days, you’ll go through action-packed self-coaching exercises designed to help you:

  • ♡ Let go of the idea that selflove must be earned
    ♡ Discover your true, authentic meaning of selflove
    ♡ Break free from societal norms and expectations
    ♡ Integrate practical, effective selflove techniques into your daily routine
    ♡ Transform selflove into a natural lifestyle
    ♡ Embrace a compassionate, accepting approach to all your thoughts and feelings.

This challenge is not just another learning experience. It doesn’t have much theory and is filled with practical tools to help you start living a life where you are fully loved and appreciated by the most important person in your world – yourself. 

Let's do this, take me there!

Five reasons to love this challenge

21 lessons x up to 20-30 min daily commitment

Only useful content to work with and save your precious time


to catch yourself when you're people-pleasing

No boring homework

The course information is easy to digest.
Get maximum results with minimal time and effort

2-months access to get the results you want

We want you to get the best results. You will have 2 months to complete this course in case you'd like to take your time or get back to some practices

100% money back guarantee

If you complete the course and you don't love it,
we'll give your money back no questions asked

Let's start my transformation

What people are saying about these techniques

Stefania, 34

"I didn't know how much my self-worth was tied to my career success and what others thought of me. This was an eye-opener. The daily practices Inna gave here helped me see myself in a new light. I'm more confident, less critical, and genuinely happier"
Sophia, 28 

"This journey has been... incredible. I've learned to silence my inner critic and embraced my flaws. I’m my own cheerleader now, and it feels amazing. Thank you ❤️"
Michaela, 39

"I've seen a notable change in how I approach my personal and professional life. Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their relationship with themselves"
Emma, 25
"I started working with Inna when I felt lost and undervalued after a breakup. It's been several weeks of introspection, healing, and self-acceptance now. The transformation I've experienced is profound. I've learned to love myself, and it's the best feeling in the world ❤️"
Elena, 34
 "It was like opening a door I didn't even know was there. Some realisations were painful, but the practices we were given helped me find peace, heal my heart and  find a lifelong friend in myself. Thank you..."
Rashida, 27
"I'm a recovering perfectionist. You showed me how to look at myself with kindness. These techniques are... life-changing. It's a process but I'm changing how I approach life"
Donna, 39
"The balance between practical exercises and deep introspection was perfect. It's been two months and I'm still sticking to my selflove routine!" 
Luisa, 29
"It's incredible how these practices can alter a lifetime of habits. I feel grounded, valued, and, most importantly, I love myself. I feel loved and supported by the universe. If everyone did this challenge, the world would be a very different place" 
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  • Two months access to the course materials to make sure you complete the challenge with no pressure
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