£450.00 GBP

Bespoke coaching session – 4 hours

A highly personalised 4-hour session to help you design the programme of your sexual (re)awakening – and address what you'd like to focus on

What you can learn and discover about yourself:

  • Understand your sexual temperament type 
  • Learn the anatomy and the psychology of your arousal 
  • Learn practical techniques to destress and release emotions and to create space in your body for love and pleasure
  • Discover your deepest turn-ons
  • Invite pleasure into your life and learn about your orgasms
  • Explore your kinky side
  • Find your voice and express yourself confidently in sex and relationships  

Heal and reconnect with your sexuality. 

Release shame and allow pleasure. 

Honour your feelings and create space for joy. 

Reclaim your inner fire.

Nurture your sexuality. 

Our guarantee – a new, more confident you, or your money back.

* Upgrade to a completely personalised one-day online retreat with Inna for £730 only. Email [email protected] to discuss your needs